Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Privacy Policy

What Information That We Collection

http://hoonda.blogspot.com site will collect the custumers personal information if the custumers is make sure which buy our products. The personal information that we ask from our form or you may be go to the third parties that ask custumers personal information. Beside form, information that we collect come from internet browser cookies.

Use Personal Information

commomly, custumers personal information use for to ship the product that the custumers buy form our site or our site partners. personal informations that we collect is for our adminstrator and to ensure improve our service in thefuture. Also we will tell you if we have a new product if the custumer want via email.

Contact us

send us email to lie.yek.ming@gmail.com if custumers have any matter that want to ask our.


We make sure we will protect all your personal information that custumers share with us. By the way, there are no data transfer at internet have 100 percent secure. so we can not guaranteed to be 100% safety.

Third Partners

Our site will contain the links come from the third parties and this third party can not control by our system. When you click the link, you will leave our website and you will take to the third site. If this happen, you may read the website privacy again and make sure you are safe here. The third partners site will have different with our privacy policy site.

Changes The Privacy

At the future, we may will modify, change, add more privacy or delete or remove some of our privacy at any time. So better you check our privacy policy before you buying from our site.

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